Carpets with a density of 1,500 reeds are amazingly fine and are the most advanced product of Khatibi Carpets.

This type of carpet uses a thinner, stronger yarn than the 700 and 1,000 reed carpets. This has served to provide greater strength, less thickness and significantly more knots than the previous generation, i.e. 1,200 reed density carpets, and as a result, customers are offered designs of greater expressiveness.


Yarn type

The yarns used in these carpets are not susceptible to falling out, are hypoallergenic and resistant to environmental factors such as light and heat, and are highly resistant to damaging factors such as dust. These carpets use 100% cotton-based acrylic heat-set yarn, which gives these carpets amazing flexibility.


Type of machinery

It is important to note that the fiber material itself is not an indication of the quality of the carpet. Also, the type of carpet weaving machine is extremely important for durability and quality of knotting, which greatly affects the wear resistance of the carpets.

These carpets are made on a modern weaving machinery of the German company “Schoenherr”.



These features make the 1,500 reed density carpets produced by Khatibi Carpets one of the best-selling and most durable carpets on the world market.


Carpet cleaning and storage guidelines


  1. Never use detergents containing hydrochloric acid, other acids or similar compounds for cleaning and stain removal.
  2. To remove excess lint, clean several times with a wet vacuum brush before use.
  3. avoid placing hot objects on the carpet.
  4. When moving the carpet, roll it up.
  5. Do not hang the carpet after washing it, but dry it on a completely flat surface.

Additional information

Weight N/A





4500 highlights


3*2, 3.5*2.5, 4*3

color group




Pile yarn

100% Acrylic heated


6 mm

Other sizes

All standard sizes

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